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Posted on April 16 2019

Jean Jones Fashion Designer

All of my life I've been a maker. When I was young, my very handy mom and dad taught me to make all kinds of things. My mom taught me to cook and sew, and to try and then try again, sharing all her tools and all her time.

And one of my favorite childhood memories is making an elaborate dollhouse from a kit, with all sorts of changes, with my dad. He found an old desk and set it up for me in our garage as a work table, and we would work together at nights and on weekends sanding, painting and assembling our masterpiece. I kept that desk for years, and loved even the little bit of green paint that had spilled across the top by accident while absorbed in making. I wish I still had that desk...

My mom taught me all about how to cook and bake, which I still love. But the thing she taught me that is the most use to you is how to think 3 dimensionally and to cut and sew what I saw. What started as making stuffed animal clothes and various knick knacks evolved through the years into a passion for seeing clothes in my minds eye, then figuring out how to make them. 

Through the years, and also with the help of my sewing and patternmaking mentor Sarah Veblen, I have fined tuned my clothing design process. I still begin with seeing a garment, then work to make the 3 dimensional idea a reality by making a flat pattern. My patterns are my true pride and joy. If you visit my Austin studio, you will see my pattern library, in all it's messy glory, against the back wall. 

Having really clean patterns is the key to having really clean designs cut and sewn. The patience I learned growing up, embracing iterations and truly taking the time to make things come together as I have envisioned them, is what gives me the structural foundation of the small, curated line that I want to share with you. 

Thank you for reading. I can't wait to make your clothes!



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