Sustainability and The Made on Demand Business Model

Posted on May 21 2019

Sustainability and Made on Demand

Starting this Spring, we've shifted to a Made on Demand business model. My team of stitchers and I can usually turn around your garment in about 2 weeks. We hustle big time on our end when your order comes in, and we are full of gratitude for your step in this process. We believe that together we can make a difference!

If you would like to order a garment that is listed as "Ships in 2 Weeks," this means we will start cutting and sewing your garment for you after it is ordered by you. This prevents us from inventory overstock, and thus waste. Your patience in waiting for your shipment is an important step in our reduction of our environmental impact. We love and value our customers. Thank you so much for participating in this new made on demand business model with us!

Occasionally garments are actually in stock in the studio. In this case they will ship immediately after your order is placed. These garments are listed on the Stock variant as "Ready to Ship."

A select few items take longer than 2 weeks to ship. This is because either the fabric is not yet in stock or these specialized items just require a longer time for us to cut and sew (like the Carla Car Coat, with it's matched plaid pieces, stitched silk lining and keyhole buttonholes that are sewn on a special machine). Items in this extended lead-time category have their estimated shipping times specified in their individual product description page.

Your patience in waiting for your item to ship is of the greatest value to us. Thank you for taking this necessary step with us as we move toward less studio waste and a higher standard of environmental sustainability. Together we can make a difference!

Feel free to contact us with any questions about delivery times.

You will receive both an email notification when your order has been received and an email notification when your order has been shipped.

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