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Jean Jones in the Studio 

The future is now. I've been making clothes for a really long time. This year has been rough for everyone. It's time to move forward. Let's go!

I hope you will find yourself in my collection. I'm inspired by you and where you are going and what your life is like.

I've edited and culled and refined my collection until it is what you see now, with you - and your life - in mind the whole time. 

Every piece here is made by hand. Every fabric has been carefully selected. Every pattern has been made by me. If your size is not in stock, we will make it for you on demand, as quickly as we can.

And, as much as I love you, please understand that I cannot take custom orders. I most likely have your size available, and most pieces are pretty easy for your alteration specialist to handle. 

The collection is designed to meet your needs and to take you through your day, with comfort and ease.

With this ease, we are able to slow down and find real meaning in our clothes, and in our lives.

I can't wait for you to find yourself in my collection. Welcome!

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