Celebrating 25 Years

Posted on April 14 2019

Intro to the Designer of Jean Jones Collection


It was 25 years ago, when this picture was taken, that my foray into the fiber industry began. My husband and I moved to a rural farm house at the beginning of our marriage and I launched a small hand weaving business using traditional floor looms.

Shortly after, I assembled a team of weavers to join me in my studio, and my handwovens were gradually carried in stores worldwide. As the primary maker in such a hands-on business, I more than grasped the value of quality handmade garment production. As we grew with new additions to our family, I chose to scale down my weaving business. During those years, I shifted my focus to studying the art of finely tailored custom garments.



Austin Independent Designer Jean Jones Family

Now with 25 years of experience in fabric making and garment construction, I'm proud to have the opportunity to apply what I've learned in the fashion industry with my line of ethically made wearable staples. At this time, a good portion of my ready to wear collection is still made here in Austin by my small team.

As I am slowly expanding, I have carefully reviewed the work environments of my additional small-batch manufacturers in order to ensure each Jean Jones Collection piece is ethically made to the fullest standard. You'll find a blend of raw linens, sustainable bamboo fibers, sustainable lyocell tencels, and fine wools + silks.

I want my friends to feel their best in what they wear and in knowing that they are making a difference in their choice to purchase ethically made clothing. Together we strive to provide our women with style + wearability, along with the peace of mind that they are shopping responsibly.


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