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Silk Trench/Shirtdress in ivory, close up view


Celebrate Beauty in Your Everyday Life

I believe in wearing a bit of silk in your everyday life. It's a like good luck charm and a treat for yourself all wrapped up in one.

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In that spirit, it's important for you to know that silk is quite strong and that most silks can be washed.


How to Care for your Silk Garments

Washing silk causes it to loose its luster and shrink a bit, so this approach is not for everyone or every garment. If you are hesitant, an environmentally friendly dry cleaner is a good solution for you. I am lucky to live near an eco-friendly dry cleaner, so I send my silk blouses and dresses, like the Inez, Marie, Jessica and Silk Trench, to them as needed.

But I do wash many everyday silks at home. Things like vintage silk pajamas, older silk blouses and a favorite dressing gown. I wash these pieces with mild detergent and cool water, by hand or on the gentle cycle in the washing machine. I let them dry flat overnight. A cool iron the next day helps spruce them up if I've got the time.

Silk scrunchies and headbands are quite easy to gently hand wash, and will also be dry for you the next day after laying them flat to dry overnight.

I must add, however, that if you have an older silk knit Eve Tank or Eve Slip dress, please do not hand or machine wash these. That silk knit shrinks a lot. These need to go to your eco dry cleaner.


I hope that this information is helpful. And that you enjoy a bit of silk... everyday!

xx Jean


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