Custom Printed Square Silk Scarf

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Your Spring Scarf is Here!

This generously sized, 36" square scarf is made in a rich, luxurious silk twill fabric.  Think Hermes.  It's beefy and feels fantastic! The custom print was designed in a collaboration with graphic designer Carla Delgado at Pentagram Design. The inspiration for our print came mostly from colors, like the warm white as the background and crisp florals that appear throughout. We also looked to elements of Italian design. The gold border on the scarf is inspired by an antique, framed Italian mirror that belonged to my great grandmother! As a nod to both my use of roses throughout my work and to the local Texas landscape, the finished design has images of both roses and Texas poppies. The Custom Printed Square Silk Scarf is available NOW at

Printed Scarf printed scarf